Key Features of Timelo: A Complete Package for Business

Key Features of Timelo: A Complete Package for Businesses and Freelancers

Time tracking software is a tool that is generally used by managers and employees to keep the record of worked hours for billing, payroll or other processes. In general, they record the time spent on assigned tasks and used to create project billing and invoicing. They can also have a complete view of your services, such as, which tasks are consuming more time and taking the most resources, empowering users to plan project budgets. Timelo is a complete tool for business having all the above-mentioned points and here are some of the key features of Timelo.

Key Features of Timelo

Time Tracking

Time Tracking Software

Normally, the main function of this tool is to capture worked hours in real-time and records these on a timesheet. The timesheet is used to bill customers or estimates payroll with precision. This time-tracking software also allows you visualize tasks in a timeline. It supports project administrators or supervisors to determine deadlines and completion dates.

Expense Tracking

Expense Tracking - Key Features of Timelo

Any sort of business, despite its extent and nature, requires resources to run. This money isn’t just required for long-term plans, but also for the company’s day-to-day needs. For example, a restaurant may need a specific amount of money daily to pay for ingredients. Likewise, employees also want to be paid every month. Timelo will take care of every aspect of your expenses.

Project Management

Project Management - Timelo a complete tool

Although many time tracking tools are blended with a larger project management system, sometimes tracking tools do feature lightweight project management mechanisms. For instance, Timelo enables you to arrange tasks or set deadlines by project and set preferences. You can also examine the project’s progress by time factors like daily, weekly and monthly or set budgets per project. From small to large projects, this time tracking software performs a great job.

Visualize Summaries

Visualize Summaries - Key Features of Timelo

Timelo allows you to generate reports and summaries easily to investigate a broad range of data relating to tasks. For instance, you can examine total time spent on a project or you can track the details such as weekly and daily performance or examine the numbers per task. You can also create checks and balances on resources or find out areas where to cut expenses. Records are visualized in tables and charts for smart lookups.


Cloud-Based Time Tracking Software


Cloud-based software opens up the software to the entrepreneurs. Regardless of the location, users are now capable to use software through the access of the internet. However, with the majority of development work happening at the development site, cloud-based software is perfect. Furthermore, because this time tracking software is used to record time information and work activity of employees, Timelo – cloud-based time-tracking software makes the most sense for any kind of business.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly Time Tracking Software: Timelo

In some cases, you may need to track billable hours of a project or remote team. Software that is convenient from mobile devices will be an efficient tool in these scenarios. Timelo, a cloud-based tool allows you to access the system via a browser of your smartphone. It makes sure the software is also compatible with various desktop and smartphone OS and browser types.

Free Basic Plan

Timelo Free Basic Plan

Timelo is providing its above mentioned great features free for a lifetime in its basic plan and is considered ideal for freelancers. The key features of the basic plan include a dashboard, time tracking, reporting, 1 user limit, maximum 5 projects, 1GB storage, data backup and redundancy, and email support. Get your free account now.

Professional Plans

For entrepreneurs and businesses, Timelo has two types of cheap plans that are Pro and Business. In Pro plan, you can enjoy the unlimited invoices, advanced reporting, 10GB storage, API, priority support and up to 100 projects. The monthly charges of this Pro plan are $9.99 for each user per month. You can save $23 on its yearly plan which is available at $95.99 for each user per year.

Cheap Business Plans - Monthly

While in Business plan, you can get unlimited users and projects, unlimited storage, integrations, free training, and online remote assistance. Timelo is providing this plan at $19.99 for each user per month. Also, you can save $47 on yearly business plan which is available at $191.99 for each user per year.

Cheap Business Plans - Yearly

Do remember that Timelo is providing its all the three plan absolutely free for 15 days. You can start your free trial now.

Project Billing and Invoicing Using Timelo

Project Billing and Invoicing Using Timelo

If you are sick of all those annoying and incompetent project billing and invoicing software, then welcome you are at the right place. We bring a simple, easy-to-use and most efficient tool that will take care of all your needs including time tracking, project management, payroll, billing and invoicing.

Timelo is the complete software that supports you with the budget and manages projects at affordable prices. It is an extremely user-friendly project management tool that is comprised of all the essential features in a single easy to use interface.

Cloud Based Time Tracking Software - Timelo

Project Billing and Invoicing

Billing is the process of making, and then sending out bills that ask the customers to pay the amount of money they owe you for products, or your services and time.

Project Billing and Invoicing

There are two main project billing choices for projects and jobs you can choose from – charging a flat fee or billing by the hour.

It doesn’t matter what project billing type you prefer, you’ll also have to define your proposed income – this is the sum of money you’ll have to earn in order to pay your bills, meet the expense of your work material and software you use, pay taxes and insurance, but also finally make a profit and hit your target annual salary.

Project Invoicing

There are some fundamental differences between the two kinds of project billing you should analyze before making your decision:

Flat Fee

In flat fee, you charge a fixed, flat fee for a particular product or service you provide. You always charge the same amount for this service, regardless of the material expense or number of hours you spent on it.

Hourly Fee

You charge for a particular service based on the number of hours you’ve spent on it.

Project Billing

Project Billing using Timelo

Pick a billable plan and budget scope for each project. Maintain your project billing the approach you or your customers desire and stay within the boundaries of predicted expenses with our billing software.

  • Add billable programs (task, project, and team member-based rate)
  • Add budget (total project hours, total project value)
  • Edit billing inactive projects


Timelo will help you efficiently with invoicing. Get paid in two easy steps: track time and create personalized invoices based on the tracked data. Time tracking and accounting in one place. Project name, hours, billable cost and client data will be added to the invoice. Using Timelo, you can create personalized invoices.

project Invoicing using Timelo

It is necessary to achieve the top level of detail when invoicing clients, so Timelo allows you to select from many different invoice formats to generate an invoice with the level of detail the client is demanding.

Other Benefits

You surely have heard time is money. Set the timer and start working, Timelo will make sure to count every single second of your billable hours. It will add all your logged hours and billable expenses to an invoice, with just a click.

Timelo - A time tracking software

This time-tracking software will provide your team members role-based access so that they can log their time and monitor their progress. It will allow you to create tasks within a project and assign them to respective team members.

Timelo - A time tracking software

Timelo will provide you a summary of your work in progress so that you can readily analyze logged versus budgeted hours or billed versus unbilled hours for any task and the best part about this amazing tool is that it is providing 15-day free trial with no credit card required.

How to Ensure the Success of Your Project?

How to Ensure the Success of Your Project?

It is an utmost quality of a Project manager to work under pressure and to do more with the less. That’s why it can be a very difficult task when delivering the project. It is a disastrous experience for any entrepreneur, business or individual when they understand too late that the project they are working on is totally a flop. So, how to ensure the success of your project? Also, how to know that you are working on a profitable project?

Ensure the Success of Your Project

Project failure can leave anyone distressed as you lose money, waste time, and spend expensive resources. With so much at stake, it’s challenging to get back up on your feet and give a new project another chance.

Get a Complete Knowledge about Your Project

The first step may seem simple but it tricky. The ability to understand why your project is important for your organization’s mission and how it matches the overall strategic plan is a key element to its success. Being capable to relate the success of your project with overall organizational goals and plans is an obvious way to enhance team member commitment, confidence and a sense of importance. 

Get a Complete Knowledge about Your Project

Also, knowing the purpose of the project or learning how it fastens into the strategic plan gives executive-level buy-in for the project. Moreover, if a project team gets regular senior-level support, they are more prone to have the sufficient resources they need to complete the project and thus complete the enterprise.

Make an Accurate Project Estimate

No doubt, the most important cause of delivering unprofitable projects is failing to cost them accurately in the first place. The first step to costing new projects is evaluating the time it will take to accomplish the task and, more often than not, this is based on someone’s best opinion. To produce a profitable project, you need to be able to precisely determine the amount of work needed to finish the project.

Ensure the Success of Your Project

Prepare for any Project Risks

Every entrepreneur tries his best to thwart his projects from screwing up; anything can happen along the way that could set your project back.

Prepare for any Project Risks - ensure the profitable project

What you can do is be ready and conscious of the potential project management risks you may face. A risk evaluation empowers you to determine the probability and severity of possible project risks so you can devise compliant action measures that efficiently counter and compete for problems that may result in a big loss.

Understand Your Cost

If you want to deliver successful expert services projects, you must have a strong grip on your costs of doing business. It is way too possible to miscalculate the costs connected with delivering a project, and this is a frequent reason for a lack of profitability. Make it certain that you count all your expenses, from the expense of travel and accommodation to stocks, phone calls and everything in-between. Once you have an exact understanding of your expenses of doing business, you can then start to put together a valuable project. 

Understand the cost of your project

Every Team Member is Important

For any project to succeed, it is important to make sure every person on the team of the specific project is in it for the long run. For this to go practical, both you and your team members must have faith in the success of your project and expertise quality outcomes from the job that you do, not to mention have a little break and fun in between as it is also very important for mental health.

Every member on the team of project is important

Support of Stakeholders

In the soul of every profitable project is genuine devotion and assistance from your stakeholders. But to get them restored and win their liability, you’ll need to provide them with the knowledge they need to know exactly what this project can accomplish and why it matters.

Support of Stakeholders is necessary for any project or business

Time Tracking Software

Last but not least. A time tracking software is an utmost need of any company or a project. As it not only monitor the performance of your employees but also keeps a check and balance of the performance of your project. 

Time Tracking Software is essential for every business

With an efficient employee performance tracker, you can have complete knowledge about the roles of your employees and what they had done so far in their assigned time. It will give you complete detail of your project performance and enables you to make a more accurate estimate either your project is going to be profitable or not.

Fixed vs Flexible Working Hours: Which one is better?

Fixed vs Flexible Working Hours: Which one is better?

Primarily, there are two types of working people found in every workspace. The first type of workers are bound to sit in an office for standard 9 to 5 called fixed hours while the second type of workers are provided flexible working hours they can choose from called flexible hours. So which one is better from flexible vs fixed working hours?

Fixed vs Flexible Working Hours

Fixed vs Flexible Working Hours

In fixed working hours, you get up; you do your exercise, take shower, have breakfast, and take a cup of coffee, dress up and then make your way towards the long and dreaded commute to work. Once you arrive, you start working, take lunch, attend a few conferences and you’re done by 5 pm. Get up from your chair, say ‘goodbye’ to your colleagues, punch out and you’re done for the day. is that all your life is about? Easy, simple, and quite old fashioned and sometimes not the most efficient. 

Fixed Working Hours

While in flexible working hours, workers stand to experience a large number of advantages. One that many workers point to first is the flexibility to meet household needs, personal necessities, and life responsibilities conveniently. The flexible work plan may even provide work-from-home choices or working remotely from any location where mobile Internet is available to interact electronically with customers and other peers. This flexible schedule can be a fruitful option for some businesses, giving employees a little bit more leeway with their time while giving businesses some advantages of their own.

Flexible Working Hours

Pros and Cons of Fixed Working Hours

On the plus side, people working in a fixed hour get more chances to coordinate with the people. Employees with fixed time work schedules can harmonize better with other workers and their superiors because of shared time and collaborative workspace, which assist build good working relationships. Giving directions to and tracking the performance of employees who work during the same hours or shifts are more adaptable. It’s more comfortable to schedule and conduct team conferences and training when co-workers and other team members have common work hours.

Benefits of Fixed Working Hours

The bad side, regular office hours are 9-5 pm, which means you need to hit the road around 8 to 8:30, along with everyone else. Depending on how severe the rush hour traffic in your area can get, the burden of the daily commute can consume you out long before you arrive at the office, and that’s not a good start for any worker who’s got a long day of work ahead. Absenteeism and lateness can become a common phenomenon particularly during bad weather when traffic is long and heavy and traveling to and from work becomes inconvenient.

Disadvantages of Fixed Working Hours

Pros and Cons of Flexible Working Hours

On plus side, a more flexible work schedule enables workers to pursue other trades, hobbies, or higher education. By managing their time better, employees can maintain a work-life balance, get more control over life experiences, and have reduced pressure, as they get more time to attend to family and private concerns. Depending on their schedule, employees can work at their most fruitful and most suitable hours.

Pros and Cons of Flexible Working Hours

The bad side of the flexible schedule comes with a lot of distractions and interruptions, which may result in reduced focus, low fertility, and poor time management. Employees with flexi-time schedules may come and go at different hours, which can influence their interpersonal relations with other workers and make it more difficult to build rapport and cooperation. Also, flexible working plans mean extra work for the administrative team that has to make a special tracking system for irregular work hours, monitor the different schedules.

Pros and Cons of Flexible Working Hours

How to Track the Working Hours?

Either of them you find better, keeping record of employee hours is important for any business. For that purpose, you’ll need an efficient time tracking software for accurate records of employee hours and maintaining attendance, managing HR work, staying compliant to work arrangements, as well as collecting the data you need to make payroll.

Timelo - Time Tracking Software

Equally significant is keeping an adequate attendance tracking system that is not time-consuming and unmanageable for employees. Otherwise, data becomes tricky for labor records, reporting and other jobs that depend on precision.

The Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

The Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

If you are a business owner sitting in an office and daydreaming about working remotely and hold several assumptions: being able to take a pause whenever you need, avoiding the commute or just working where you want to. But then, how to keep a record of your employees? In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of working remotely and how to manage it.

Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

To find out either remote work is suitable for you, examine both the pros and cons. Think about some of those basic points, both positive and negative, to decide if working remotely is the best choice for you.

pros and cons of working from Home



The best part about working remotely is that you get to work from anywhere. That may sound a little wordy, but it’s true: rather having to check into the same room at the same cubicle every day, you can work from your home office, in the garden, at the community cafe, at a gathering, from a bus, and so on. Having the flexibility to work where you desire means you can both build the perfect workspace for yourself while also having the advantage of attending functions or going to different meetings on your plan.

Benefits of working remotely

Health Benefits

It can be difficult to have a healthy diet and lifestyle when working from an office. How many office workers make sure we regularly have a healthy, fresh meal to take to the work with us rather than just buying whatsoever from the nearest restaurant, or take time between office hours to stay physically active?

Working from home makes it much easier to maintain a healthy diet (with a well-furnished kitchen always on hand), and also gives more freedom and flexibility to make a workout plan in between work hours.

Pros and Cons of Working Remotely


According to research, a common worker in the U.S. today will spend about $10 getting to and from work. Considering a standard Monday to Friday job, that reaches out to almost $2,600 spent on commutes every year.

Working remotely saves all of that money. Furthermore, remote workers will possibly end up saving money in many other ways.

benefits of working remotely

Time Efficient

There will be a little number of people who would say they enjoy their work commute. It’s OK if the “commute” is a 15-minute walk to the office, but for many people, it involves hours lost every day on going to work and back.

What makes it even worse is that many firms don’t include commute hours in working hours, which means it’s coming straight out of employees’ time, time that could be much better spent on family, colleagues, sports, etc.

Pros and Cons of Working Remotely


Need More Self-Motivation

 It demands a lot of commitment and self-control to work at home and not surrender to distractions. It’s easy to lose motivation and concentrate which are traps to your progress. Hence, it’s necessary to be aware of how you’re spending your time. You need to build your environment in such a way that keeps you occupied.

disadvantages of working remotely

No Collaboration

Many of our best friends today are people we got to know by working full-time in an office. And there’s nothing really as comforting as going out for happy hour drinks with a few colleagues at the end of a hard, stressful week.

As a remote worker, you miss out on many of those social occasions.

disadvantages of working from home

Loss in Concentration

When you start working from home as opposed to being in an office, the fixed border you used to have between your work life and your personal life becomes a lot less explicit, you’re in a convenient and homely environment that you also do all your day-to-day personal home stuff. So it doesn’t make any difference. It can potentially take away your attention that you’re supposed to put into your job.

Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

Low chances of Promotion

There’s a risk of being neglected for promotions or career development possibilities when working remotely. Those visible workers in the office who are aggressively competing for the position will probably have the advantage. You can try and counter with frequent visits to the office and open series of communication. You need to show your enthusiasm for the higher mobility you desire.

Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

How time tracking tools help remote workers?

A time tracking software can efficiently help remote workers to keep a record of their progress and achievement. For example, Timelo can track the time a team in any business spends on client projects to maximize billing. It can record the amount of time a company’s employees spend on different tasks. It helps business owners and managers get a comprehensive knowledge of how each worker is performing, how productive they are being, and how effective their workflow is.

Timelo - Time Tracking Software

Employee monitoring in a remote situation has huge advantages for both employees and the firm. Understanding that the time they spend working efficiently is being monitored means that remote employees are more responsive to their performance each day. Hence, they are far more likely to be driven and deliver greater outcomes regularly.

How to Avoid Payroll Issues in Business?

How to Avoid Payroll Issues in Business?

Generally, a small business does not have any payroll team or an accountant. Normally, the people managing payroll at small businesses have a different entire collection of duties like a head of HR, accounting, marketing, or some other set of business-critical responsibilities. Under these circumstances, it is difficult for a business owner to manage all these tasks at a time. So one needs the best payroll software that should automate as much of the payroll method as possible. Keep on reading to know how to avoid payroll issues in business.

Avoid Payroll Issues in Business

Avoid Payroll Issues in Business

Keeping the best tool helps you avoid the common payroll issues that small businesses face, saving much time for your payroll administrator to concentrate on more important tasks.

Calculating Overtime

Another important factor that a business owner cannot forget while making payroll is calculating overtime. This is the hours worked. It’s essential to remember that every minute that is given to work or work-related tasks count. Activities that often are being neglected in timesheets are for instance travel time for worksites, coaching, and working before or after actual hours or working from home.

Calculating Overtime

To help you track every second worked, we’ve built a tool that is Timelo. Don’t forget to enjoy its amazing features for 15 days for free.

Record Keeping

Every company owner needs to keep the record of all payrolls for at least three years. In some cases even longer. Though, legal necessities are not the only reason to keep your firms’ payroll. The economic data collected in payroll is essential for creating budget estimates for the next years to come.

Record Keeping

One of the most efficient ways to keep your payroll records is to use time tracking software or payroll software.

On-time Payroll

Payroll duties can appear disconcerting when you first start a small business. But with small attention and preparation, you can avoid the typical mistakes others make. Planning will determine that staff is paid regularly and on time – always a pleasant outcome. It will also ensure that your payroll reports are up to date and satisfy constitutional rules.

On-time Payroll in business

Payroll Tax Code

Tax regulations can change for a wide range of purposes, including wages, perks, bonuses, student loans, past employment, and ranking. Get them wrong and you’ll have some expensive recalculations to carry out, not to discuss awkward explanations to the tax officials.

Payroll Tax Code

So keep a record of your employees’ posts and update all adjustments regularly. Ensure that they’re in the right tax zone.

Accurate Time Tracking

Inaccurate time records result in miscounted work hours. This may produce various payroll issues. The best approach to counter this type of error is to put your faith in a software tool that can track time automatically. 

Accurate Time Tracking

You can do it using Timelo Time tracking software that enables you to automatically track time spent on work. Furthermore, to assist you to ensure every employee follows time accurately.

Security Backup

Cloud-based time tracking software also allows you to invite unlimited users to your business. This implies you don’t need to rely on one person for payday and you’ll be able to encourage most of your staff to manage the payroll. You can also determine the access level of employees to ensure that no one accesses data they shouldn’t be.

Security Backup

Payroll is necessary not only from a business point of view but it directly influences your employees so it’s key to the success of your business.