Best Sources to Find Freelancers

Best Sources to Find Freelancers

You need some extra skilled people as your business grows to cope with the workload. It can be difficult to find accurate people to grow your company, not to mention the budget to combine them with your services. Freelance workers allow your business to operate with skilled people on the particular projects you want them for. So here the best sources to find freelancers.

Best Sources to Find Freelancers

You can keep your expenses to a point while also getting access to the skill sets you need for the plan to turn out successful. Here are the best sources to find freelancers who have the specific talent you are looking for.


Toptal is a freelance network of best software engineers and digital designers from over 100 countries around the world. The company’s screening rule plants out all but the top 3 percent of expertise in various categories, which means that once approved, you’ll enter an elite society of specialists.

Toptal - Best Sources to Find Freelancers

Toptal allows you to decide if you want to work hourly, part-time or full time, and you set your own rates so you’ll never be stabbed in a bidding battle.


With over 1.5 million clients, Upwork allows something for every type of freelancer. It includes both short- and long-term projects, hourly or per-project job and expert-level and entry-level appointments. Despite where you are in your career, Upwork is feasible to have something for you.

Upwork - Freelancing Website


Unlike most other sources, in addition to giving millions of projects, Freelancer enables you to compete with other freelancers in competitions to show your skills. If you’re ambitious and positive in your expertise, it’s an exceptional idea to showcase your expertise and draw more customers.

Freelancer - Best Sources to Find Freelancers

99 Designs

99 Designs is a freelance job site with a surprise. As its name implies, the platform is particularly for designers, and every project comes members in the form of a competition.

99Designs - Freelancing platform

Rather than window-shop through a list of documents and résumés, customers are advised to crowdsource their projects, arranging a budget and providing directions, then allowing designers to submit work based on the project outline. At the end of a week, the customer chooses the most suitable design, and that designer gets paid.

People Per Hour

This is an ideal platform, concentrating on freelancing for web projects. If you’re a designer, web developer, SEO specialist, etc., peopleperhour is surely deserving of checking out.

People Per Hour - Best Sources to Find Freelancers

Top Workplace Productivity Killers and How to Avoid Them?

Top Workplace Productivity Killers and How to Avoid Them?

No doubt, beautiful workplace spaces, and free coffees from the firm definitely not make any office like a 90’s sweatshop. In fact, nowadays companies are providing their employees with many other recreational possibilities like snooker and smoking areas. So as a responsible employee, you must do your best for the success of your company. Meanwhile, many workplace productivity killers must be avoided to get maximum results.

Workplace Productivity Killers

After covering top 10 management tips to improve productivity, in this article we will discuss some major workplace productivity killers and how to cope with them to get the desired goals. 

Workplace Productivity Killers

Unnecessary Meetings

According to a modern survey, 47 percent of the workers believe that one of the biggest time-wasters in the workplace is useless meetings. What makes the situation even worse is the number of meetings at the workplace. It is estimated that in the US alone, 11 million meetings are conducted daily and USD 37 billion are spent on these meetings every year.

Unnecessary Meetings

The simple method to solve this problem is to conduct productive meetings. Retain your meetings brief and invite fewer people by giving meeting plans to them in advance.


Nothing frustrates an entrepreneur more than watching their workers wasting time in useless discussions and gossips. Most of the time these gossips lead to company politics, office fight and wreak devastation on your workplace atmosphere

Gossips - Workplace Productivity Killers

You have to be certain that you cut down on these useless discussions and gossip gatherings because they can bring a big scratch on the overall production and office environment.


If you are addicted to checking your emails several times during the working hours, then it will certainly destroy your productivity. Combat the lure of checking your inbox every few hours in your working day.

Checking Emails

Make a schedule. Check email at the start and end of the working day when all the emails have arrived in your inbox. Adjust your inbox because a disordered inbox is a big cause of why checking emails consume a lot of time.


Luckily or unluckily, we live in a global village where we cannot imagine a life without our beloved devices. We don’t care whether it is an important business conference or you are working on a crucial task, workers cannot endure the appeal of checking notifications, texts, and calls.

Smartphones - Workplace Productivity Killers

If you want to increase your productivity, you need to decrease the time you waste on your smartphone when you’re expected to be working. Whether it involves switching off the notifications, not replying to messages just do it because smartphones are a proven source of distraction for the employees at the workplace. Also social media can be a threat to mental health.

Messy Desk

One of the most frequent obstacles in the way of productivity in the office or workplace is messy desks. You can check it by yourself. Just walk around any office and you will see the piles of disordered files on many cluttered desks. In case, you need a specific file, you have to go through all those files to find it. When extra time is spent on finding the file you need, you will definitely fall behind your productivity goals.

Messy Desk

Take some time out from your schedule for arranging your table and it will give valuable returns by preserving you more time and making you more productive. Not only that, but it will also show that you are an ordered person, which proves well with the firm.

How to Get the Maximum Output from Freelancers with Time Tracker?

How to Get the Maximum Output from Freelancers with Time Tracker?

It is more likely to lose the records of your employees’ working hours, particularly if you are hiring some freelancers. In such conditions, the common obstacle for remote workers is the continuous occurrence of different communication problems either through the internet or social media sites. So as a manager, how can you get the maximum output from the freelancers?

As an entrepreneur, you invest a lot of budget and trust in your freelance workers to get the task done on time. That is a completely new job. But you can help yourself to solve your problem by using a precise time-tracking software that can help you to streamline your productivity and automatically and enable you to keep a tighter eye on what your freelancer associates are up to.

Get the Maximum Output from Freelancers

Get the Maximum Output from Freelancers

Using a time tracking tool to record freelance hours will assist you with time management and precise billings. Whether you’re working with web hosts, digital marketers, or freelance writers, keeping a record of time and productivity is precious for everyone.

keep record of Freelancers with Time Tracker

Making it simple for your freelancers to retain an authentic report of how they’ve spent their time benefits free up your time so you can use it to expand your business and get the maximum output from freelancers. It also enables you to evaluate and pay your freelancers’ invoices explicitly and transparently.

How to Choose the Best Time Tracking Software?

There are certain things to consider before choosing an hours tracking tool. You have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it cooperate with the platforms you use (like android, iOS, PC, Mac)? Will it satisfy your desktop work, as well as my smartphone requirements?
  • Is it an accurate cost for your budget?
  • Do the features match what you require and do? If you pick this higher-cost option, will you be getting all the features that you want?
  • If you start with a free trial, will the payment option address your possible requirements as your business develops? (Analyze factors like the permissible number of users and projects, trackable hours, and so on.)

Timelo - Time tracking software

Keeping in mind the above requirements, Tmelo is the best tool for project management and time tracking. It is a complete package for businesses and freelancers to create project billing and invoicing. The best thing about this great tool is that it is offering a 15-day free trial with no credit card required.

Why Time Tracking Software is Important?

Poor time management facilities can make freelancers plan tasks in a way that scatters productive skills and loses their time. When they lack focus, their concentration is readily distracted or divided between tasks. This results in poor creativity and, usually, the average output.

Timelo - time tracking tool

It’s more likely for freelancers to shift between tasks and not actually know how much time they’ve consumed on a specific task. That translates to incorrect payroll, which isn’t suitable for anyone. You can over-reward and sometimes your freelancers could miss their deserving pay.

Top 10 Time Management Tips to Improve Productivity

Top 10 Time Management Tips to Improve Productivity

How well do you manage your time? If you are like many of us then your answer will be like “Not too good.” It seems that the one thing that we cannot produce with technology is time. We all got the same 24 hours in a day in which we have to eat, sleep, work and do other stuff. At some point, we often feel that there is not enough time in a day. Here are the top 10 time management tips that will surely help you to get your job done.

Top 10 Time Management Tips

It is said that time is money. But the time is something that cannot be bought if once gone. If you succeeded to manage your time, you will get the results you want. Given below are the simple time management tips to improve your productivity.

Set Goal

Goals give you a concept, focus, and purpose to work towards. They assist you to have a pure mind on where you need to go and how best to manage your time and resources to get there. By setting goals, you can recognize what’s worth spending your time on and what’s a diversion to evade.

Set Goal - Top 10 Time Management Tips

Prioritize Task

Before starting your day, make a list of tasks that need your prompt consideration. Unnecessary tasks can utilize much of your precious time. Some critical tasks need to be performed on that day only while other unnecessary tasks could be moved forward to the next day. In short, prioritize your critical tasks to concentrate on those that are more important.

Prioritize task

Schedule Task

Use a time tracking software and list all the tasks that come to your mind. Make a simple ‘To Do’ list before the start of the day, prioritize the tasks and concentrate on the essentials. Make sure that these tasks are feasible too. If you are a morning person and find you are at your most productive and prolific early in the morning, schedule high-value tasks in the morning at your peak creative/productive time. The same is the case if you are an evening person.

Schedule task

Set Deadlines

When you are assigned a task, set a realistic deadline and adhere to it. Try to set a deadline a few days before the task so that you can accomplish all those responsibilities that may get in the way. Test yourself and meet the deadline; reward yourself for meeting a tough challenge.

Set deadlines - time management tips

Overcome Distractions

Whether it is client e-mail alerts, or phone calls from associates while working, distractions are an obstacle to efficient use of time. Distractions destroy your attention, lower your productivity and often hinder you from accomplishing critical tasks on time. They can also produce stress. Kill all of your distractions and try to concentrate to improve productivity.

Overcome distractions for improving productivity

Avoid Multitasking

Most of us think that multitasking is an effective way of getting things done but, the fact is that we do better when we concentrate and center on one thing. Multitasking thwarts productivity and should be avoided to enhance time management techniques.

Avoid multitasking - Top 10 Time Management Tips

Start Early

Most successful personalities have one thing in common – they start their day early as it provides them time to relax, meditate and plan their day. When you get up early, you are more relaxed, productive and clear-headed. As the day progresses, your energy levels start going down which influences your productivity and you may not perform as well.

start early

Give Yourself Break

Whenever you find yourself feeling exhausted and stressed, take a break for 10 to 15 minutes. Too much pressure can bring damage to your body and affect your productivity. And even better, schedule your break times. It assists you to rest and gets back to work with energy again later.

Take a break from work

Learn to Say NO

Gently refuse to take extra tasks if you think that you’re already burdened with work. Take a glance at your ‘to do’ list before accepting to take on additional work. Saying “no” to things that are not a preference enables you to concentrate on those things that are necessary.

Learn to say no

Sleep Tight

Sleep and relaxation are often cut to earn more time. Half of the workforce of the planet is sleep deprived without being aware of the harm they are acquiring. This is a blunder that we often make early on in our careers or when we are against a deadline. A well-rested, well-fed and healthy body eliminates the disturbances that can steal us of precious moments. Learn why you should sleep on your left side.

Sleep tight - Top 10 Time Management Tips

Things to Avoid When Tracking Hours Worked

Things to Avoid When Tracking Hours Worked

Tracking the hours worked is important in businesses where the company bill their clients on an hourly basis. Luckily, we have time-tracking software that can track every second spent on a task and make billable hours. But if you have ever worked in any company or on a project that necessitates time tracking, you will admit that there some important things to avoid when tracking hours worked.

Tracking Hours Worked

Employees often forget to keep the time record, lose timesheets, and monitoring time takes additional hours out of the managers’ days. Here are some things to avoid while tracking hours worked.

Track time twice

Track time twice - Tracking Hours Worked

More often, employees track hours worked on paper or in Excel spreadsheets. After that, they have to shift all their notes to their respective time-tracking software. It’s time-consuming, so make sure that you track time only once! Furthermore, when you copy your notes, you tend to make more mistakes.

Record time once in a month

Record time once in a month

We often get lured to do that. It seems that we will save more time if we log hours only once every two or four weeks. And yet it ends up taking more time: you have to recall everything you did each day, plus make many entries at once.

Track time in advance

Track time in advance - Things to Avoid When Tracking Hours Worked

Believe me, this is not a good idea either. You may consider the task will take half an hour to complete, but in reality, it takes you half a day. Don’t get used to this, because you will have to re-enter your hours frequently. In case, you need to insert the time budget report, use the time estimates feature for that.

Make complex timesheet

Make complex timesheet

The minimum confusion is what’s necessary when you are using software for tracking time. Try to manage your task composition to 3 steps or less, avoid novel-like accounts and remarks: there’s no obligation to make the whole thing look like a movie plot. If you need to fill out a dozen entries to build a task, it is time you started looking for a more user-friendly tool.

Ignore to check for missing entries

Ignore to check for missing entries

In case, you forget to log your time, don’t be worried, it happens to everyone. Though, going back to your previous tasks and checking if anything is missing is a tiresome process. The solution is simple: set up automatic notifications in your time-tracking software. This will also help to improve the productivity of your employee.


Timelo - Tracking Hours Worked

The simple solution to the above-mentioned problems is to use an efficient time tracking tool that provides you the complete package in a single product. Timelo is the best answer to your questions. Its prominent features include time-tracking, expense tracking, project management, billing and invoices and much more. The best thing is, Timelo is providing a 15-day free trial.

Simple Ways to Never Miss a Deadline Ever Again

Simple Ways to Never Miss a Deadline Ever Again

In general, no one likes to have deadlines and what’s even more dreadful is not meeting them. It’s OK because after all, we are human. But sometimes missing a deadline can cost you more than those hard feelings. In this article, we will discuss the easy ways to never miss a deadline with the most effective solutions.

Never Miss a Deadline Ever

Never Miss a Deadline Ever

Apart from all the dangerous aspects, it is deadlines that hold us accountable and help us to prioritize things. Deadlines deter us from making promises that we can’t keep and they drive us to keep driving the needle toward our aims. Deadlines are more often the main reason people get their job done.

How to Prevent Missing Deadlines?

Deadlines mostly depend on time management. Here are the few easy steps that will help you to avoid missing deadlines.

Set Realistic Deadlines

Set Realistic Deadlines

Try to make your time evaluations on actual data – this will assist to ensure that your projects are achieved on time. The best method to gather time data is time tracking. One of the best means to start time tracking is to use Timelo that is offering a 15-day free trial.

Break Down the Big Tasks

Break Down the Big Tasks - Never Miss a Deadline Ever


Big tasks are nothing more but a collection of smaller tasks you can assign to members of your team. You can also increase your team members’ productivity by taking repeated tasks off their heads through self-regulation.

Prioritize the Task

Prioritize the Task

Determine what is the most significant task to get completed in a project and for the set deadline? And those that would considerably enhance your project, but you can do without them. Then, make some space in your plan and your team’s workload for the contingencies that will happen in the project life-cycle.

Time management is Essential

Time management - Never Miss a Deadline Ever

Try to make it certain every day for every team member to understand what they’re accountable for and what they’re working on. They need to know the scope of their task and they need to know particular duties they are responsible for. Make sure to accommodate the workload to your team members’ abilities to avoid the crisis. Furthermore, train your team members to prepare their work for them to be much more fruitful.

Employee Training Using Virtual Reality: Improve Employees Performance

Employee Training Using Virtual Reality: Improve Employees Performance

Virtual Reality (VR) is a 3D, computer-generated illustration of physical worlds. These worlds are immersive, and users can communicate with them as if they are real. A series of VR devices are easily accessible on the market, varying from cheap cardboard-based devices that work with a smartphone too high-level headsets. Now here the question is employee training using virtual reality is really beneficial?

Employee Training Using Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is undergoing significant growth over all sorts of areas and the employee training industry is no different from it. Employee training has made a big development and now, it is gradually changing to Virtual Reality. Professional VR training will assist your business to undergo better growth by encouraging your employees with absolute training sessions rather than monotonous theoretical-based training.

Benefits of VR Training

Benefits of VR Training

There are numerous benefits of using Virtual Reality training, for example, you can imitate real-life circumstances virtually so that the workers won’t face the risk of injuries during the training session. Though immediate experience is the best way to learn, the kind of training you can get through VR will benefit them a lot in managing severe conditions. Thus, it will ensure the success of your project. In plain terms, Virtual Reality is the graphical illustration of physical work.


Commitment - Employee Training Using Virtual Reality

Employee’s commitment during the training session is a crucial point that requires to be done accurately. It supports employees to get focused on training and not getting diverted from other causes. Graphical representations in VR will support the workers get involved with the training. The plus point is it is also employed with mobile learning solutions which will allow users to learn more keenly.

Good Skills

Good Skills - Employee Training Using Virtual Reality

Employees who are engaged in challenging situations can enhance their skills without bothering about real-life consequences like injuries etc. It aids to decrease stress and improve creativity. The training will be given in virtual form so employees will be more productive and can get solutions for high-risk difficulties that they are going to face during the job.


Previewing - Employees training using VR

As VR training is appealing and inventive, it supports the users to get more knowledge quicker and easier and they can also retain them for a prolonged duration. As we all know, memory formation is bothered with emotional response and therefore, VR will provide your employees with an emotionally loaded experience.


VR training can be cost efficient

Getting VR-based training modules will serve you to save money. For example, consider the amount of cost required for giving real-time pilot training to operators with the plane than giving Virtual Reality-based training.