Advantages of Cloud Based Timesheet Softwares over Excel or Printed Timesheets

Advantages of Cloud Based Timesheet Softwares over Excel or Printed Timesheets

Cloud based timesheet softwares are far better than timesheets created in MS Excel for many reasons for businesses and freelancers because they’re a faster and more economical solution for storing work hours. They’re also more reliable and more precise because you’ll have all your information automatically computed according to experimented formulas, and then saved in a protected place.

Cloud based timesheet softwares

To get a complete hold on the advantages of cloud based timesheet softwares over Excel or printed timesheets, let’s discuss how Excel timesheets work and how timesheet software work – and how the limitations of Excel timesheets highlight the benefits of using timesheet software to save and add your work hours.

Cloud based timesheet softwares

Tracking work hours in a timesheet generated in MS Excel is a kind of manual data entry that involves: adding your work hours, adding your employee details and determining your cumulative work hours and any other extra data asked.

Using a timesheet software

It’s quick and simple to add time. You calculate your hours and set your hourly rates, and see the software do the computations automatically. You’ll cut the costs of your businessTimelo is cheap cloud based timesheet software for an unlimited number of users, so you won’t have to hire anyone to compile billing and invoicing and said timesheets. Also, Timelo is providing 15-day free trial with no credit card required.

Project billing and invoicing

You’ll make several mistakes. Unless you add the incorrect hours yourself, you won’t have to bother that your total work hours or wages will be counted incorrectly. Ultimately, you’ll make certain your information is always accurate. You’ll be sure that you’re submissive with business rules and regulations.

Time tracking software

You’ll be able to determine everything automatically. This comprises the primary work hours calculations, but also your incomes and the total time added per custom period. This will automatically increase your productivity.

Cloud based time tracking software

You’ll be capable to determine all your time off individually. You can create separate projects for “Vacations”, “Sick Leave”, “and Lunch break” and then add time for them in your timesheet and have their totals counted individually.

time management and project management

A whole organization can securely save their timesheets in one place. You can invite an unlimited number of team members and have them fill out their timesheets in one workspace.

Things to Avoid When Tracking Hours Worked

Things to Avoid When Tracking Hours Worked

Tracking the hours worked is important in businesses where the company bill their clients on an hourly basis. Luckily, we have time-tracking software that can track every second spent on a task and make billable hours. But if you have ever worked in any company or on a project that necessitates time tracking, you will admit that there some important things to avoid when tracking hours worked.

Tracking Hours Worked

Employees often forget to keep the time record, lose timesheets, and monitoring time takes additional hours out of the managers’ days. Here are some things to avoid while tracking hours worked.

Track time twice

Track time twice - Tracking Hours Worked

More often, employees track hours worked on paper or in Excel spreadsheets. After that, they have to shift all their notes to their respective time-tracking software. It’s time-consuming, so make sure that you track time only once! Furthermore, when you copy your notes, you tend to make more mistakes.

Record time once in a month

Record time once in a month

We often get lured to do that. It seems that we will save more time if we log hours only once every two or four weeks. And yet it ends up taking more time: you have to recall everything you did each day, plus make many entries at once.

Track time in advance

Track time in advance - Things to Avoid When Tracking Hours Worked

Believe me, this is not a good idea either. You may consider the task will take half an hour to complete, but in reality, it takes you half a day. Don’t get used to this, because you will have to re-enter your hours frequently. In case, you need to insert the time budget report, use the time estimates feature for that.

Make complex timesheet

Make complex timesheet

The minimum confusion is what’s necessary when you are using software for tracking time. Try to manage your task composition to 3 steps or less, avoid novel-like accounts and remarks: there’s no obligation to make the whole thing look like a movie plot. If you need to fill out a dozen entries to build a task, it is time you started looking for a more user-friendly tool.

Ignore to check for missing entries

Ignore to check for missing entries

In case, you forget to log your time, don’t be worried, it happens to everyone. Though, going back to your previous tasks and checking if anything is missing is a tiresome process. The solution is simple: set up automatic notifications in your time-tracking software. This will also help to improve the productivity of your employee.


Timelo - Tracking Hours Worked

The simple solution to the above-mentioned problems is to use an efficient time tracking tool that provides you the complete package in a single product. Timelo is the best answer to your questions. Its prominent features include time-tracking, expense tracking, project management, billing and invoices and much more. The best thing is, Timelo is providing a 15-day free trial.