Some Effective Strategies of Time Management at Work

Some Effective Strategies of Time Management at Work

We often face a time when we feel so overwhelmed with the pressure of work we have to face in the office that we just don’t know how to handle it all. Apart from that, there are also many things that distract us from focusing on what needs to get accomplished. Suddenly, we notice the time has passed by too quickly, and we are stuck there with a lot of work. So what to do to avoid this situation? Here are effective strategies of time management that will help you to achieve more.

Effective Strategies of Time Management

In this article, we will tell you the most effective strategies of time management that will help you in handling situations where time is limited and work is abundant.

Limit the use of technology to save more time

Social media

In today’s advanced world, technology has the potential to distract us and consume our productivity by drawing most of our concentration and time during a working day. Phone calls, emails, messages, and engaging news feeds on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., you name it. Technological disturbances can cause severe harm to your daily time management at work. If you learn how to handle your use of technology, you will lose no time and thus get the desired results.

Make notes to remember what needs your immediate attention

To-Do list

In the cluster of your daily tasks, discussions, and activities, we should understand how necessary it is to remember all the little details. Act intelligent, and make notes. Even if you think you will remember that one, just do it! Be it a sticky note, an Excel sheet, productivity or time tracking software, or any other tool, make notes to identify what needs to get accomplished promptly.

Schedule your day beforehand to stay ahead of time

Effective Strategies of Time Management

The very first thing you should do when starting a new working day is to plan it beforehand. Whether you have a few things to do or a big day ahead, plan when you will begin doing each of them and how much time each one of them will take. In this way, you will have an arranged and well-balanced schedule in hand to make you feel comfortable and be more productive throughout the day.

Prioritize work

Prioritize work

In our daily life working routine, we usually have a lot of work to do, but still, not all of them can be of equal importance. Some may be of significant value, while others can just consume too much of your time with not that of exceptional significance in expected outcomes. Here, the key to effective time management is prioritizing the work according to significance and urgency.

Eliminate Distractions

Eliminate Distractions

Whenever you feel it challenging to focus and it is important to get your work done with limited time, go ahead and shut the door of distractionsA study concluded that every interruption takes on average 10-15 minutes to return to the train of thoughts afterward. Hence, only 4 interruptions in a day can take an hour of concentration from you. So nip the distractions in the bud.

How to Eliminate Distractions at Work?

How to Eliminate Distractions at Work?

As earlier, we told you that one of the major productivity killers is distractions. They throw you out of your working flow. Every time you get distracted, you probably lose much more time than the actual period of the distraction. Even if the distraction might look insignificant and natural to you, it will have a serious impact on your concentration and productivity. In this article, we will discuss how to eliminate distractions at work.

Eliminate Distractions at Work

A research has revealed that on average you need 23 minutes to completely regain your concentration after a single distraction. Distractions significantly influence the quality and efficiency of your performance at work. So what is the solution? Here are a few tips to eliminate distractions at work.

Find your frequent distractions

Eliminate Distractions at Work

Even if distractions are an unavoidable part of our working day, each of us gets detracted differently. So, you need to observe your own weaknesses and working habits. Keep a record of your working day by a time tracker to find out the recurrence and the character of your distractions. Since, first, you need to recognize your main time-waster behaviors to be able to nip them in the bud.

Turn off notifications

Social Media

Notifications have grown into another significant cause of distraction in today’s life. Turn off the alerts that appear on your computer screen, smartphone, or any other device you own. You can respond to your missed calls or messages once you have a certain break in your task.

Schedule Email Check

Schedule Email Check

An average person checks his/her email about 15 times per day at work. By that, you can imagine how much time you waste on checking and replying to those emails. For a solution, try to decrease this number as much as feasible. Checking your email once a day is a perfect habit if you can manage this. Find the rhythm of your day and schedule the email check-in on the low productivity duration of your working day. Keep your peak hours for more critical tasks.

Avoid gossips during working hours

Gossips at work

Another big distraction seen in the office is distractions. Also, this “shoulder tapping” is one of the most common delays at work. A suitable solution for this sort of distraction is to use headphones, which will “protect” you from unnecessary topics and random chats with co-workers. You can also use other methods to tell your associates that you are involved in work that needs a special focus. For instance, put a “do not disturb” sticker or flag on your desktop.

Follow your to-do list

Follow to-do list - Eliminate Distractions at Work

Try to strictly follow your planned agenda. Of course, several surprising tasks will arise during work. To tackle them efficiently, simply retain an extra half an hour for them on your plan. Concentrate constantly on one thing. Don’t try to manage unscheduled jobs by multitasking. Because in most cases, multitasking affects your brain’s efficiency and lowers your IQ.

No doubt distractions are an integral part of our lives as they are natural. Hence, totally avoiding them might be difficult, but try to do your best to overcome them as much as possible. Develop new attitudes that assist you to reduce interruptions and boost your focus.

5 Useful Tips to Manage Time Effectively

5 Useful Tips to Manage Time Effectively

Time is money and this is true especially in business. Time is running – every day, every minute, and every second. Even though it is the same for everyone (24 hours a day, 60 minutes an hour), every person spends it otherwise, depending on the responsibilities. But for a business, it is important to plan responsibilities and duties and hence to know how long each step in a project takes. In this article, we will discuss some helpful tips to manage time effectively.

Tips to Manage Time Effectively

Time estimation skills are one of the factors that decide whether you’ll succeed or fail in a particular task. Good time management strategies go beyond the typical guesswork. Sometimes, it takes the form of a careful plan and at times, you might need to take the services of the best time tracking tools. The experience of these planning tips, methods are necessary to run a business efficiently.

Plan ahead

Plan ahead

One of the best ways to estimate time is to sit back and plan your day in advance. Very basic but very effective. It’s not a smart move to start working with no direction at all. When you take things with no clarity. You hardly ever achieve something productive. Before you go to bed, take 10-15 minutes to figure out important tasks for tomorrow. Get up earlier to gain some clarity on how to go about your day. It gives direction and motivation to act on the right things.

Prioritize wisely

Eisenhower decision making technique

The next important trick is prioritization. Poor prioritization or no prioritization at all usually results in time wastage. Doing anything and everything isn’t always the most sensible choice. To prioritize properly, use the popular prioritization method given in the picture above. You need to understand which of the tasks need your attention and which can be delegated and outsourced. 

Proper delegation

Delegation - Tips to Manage Time Effectively

Delegation is one of the difficult tasks to do but if you know how to do it, it can do miracles for you. If you’re a manager at any other senior position, you should understand what can be transferred to your team members so you can concentrate on high-priority tasks.

Eliminate distractions

Eliminate distractions - Tips to Manage Time Effectively

Distractions are an inevitable part of every work and every project. Common types of distractions include smartphones, emails, talkative peers, social media, online shopping, etc. These distractions waste a lot of your time. The soon you can nib them in the bud, the better it is.

Time tracking software

Best Time tracking software

A useful time tracking software helps track time and planning work. Setting personal goals and adhering to them is much more comfortable with such a tool. It encourages you to plan work smartly with obvious boards. A time tracking tool is a must-have for companies that need to make the most of their time.

How to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome and Stay Focused?

How to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome and Stay Focused?

You might have heard about shiny object syndrome. If not, we will tell you about it and how it affects you. Shiny object syndrome is like a tendency for some people to pursue something new, be it a unique business plan, device, or purpose, rather than to stay focused on what they’re doing. In this article, we will discuss how to avoid shiny object syndrome and stay focused to improve productivity.

Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

This phenomenon is very common in entrepreneurs and most of them suffer from shiny object syndrome each day. It’s the ultimate distraction that happens when you’re expected to be concentrating on one thing but then suddenly, something else looks more engaging so it diverts your attention. As a consequence, your focus gets shifted and you probably don’t end up getting any useful outcomes.

Set your goals

Set your goals - Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

We’ve always been a huge devotee of the idea of setting goals as it really does assist you to concentrate on your strengths. As you know, your goals should be precise and defined. And if you are having a difficult time concentrating, set goals that explicitly specify the 1 or 2 tasks that you are going to work on.

Make to-do list

Make to-do list

Each morning, make sure to not make these mistakes in the first 10 minutes of your day. After your morning walk and breakfast, grab a pen and a paper and make a to-do list of the top 5 or so things that you most want to achieve for the day. Then number them in priority and work on number 1 until it is completed before moving onto the next ones. This helps more than you might think.

Remove distractions

Avoid distractions to improve productivity

We all face many distractions in the workspace. Either it is email, social media or chatting with colleagues. To avoid those workplace productivity killers, set up particular times a day where you are “allowed” to check email or chat with your friends. You will notice that being a little more punctual with your time will assist you to perform much more.

Time tracking software

Last but not least. At the end of the day, you have to compare what you have done so far after spending your 7 to 9 hours in the office. With a time tracking software, you can truly track your time and see what you have accomplished in the given time. This will encourage you to improve your productivity as well.

Timelo - Time tracking software

Apart from that, the latest time tracking tools like Timelo are also providing you the options of project billing and invoicing, expense tracking, project management with a user-friendly interface. Also, you can enjoy the 15-day free trial with no credit card required.

Shiny object syndrome can kill your productivity and limit you from reaching so many aims and milestones in your business. Keeping distractions at bay so you can fully concentrate to ensure the success of your project is important and the above-discussed tips will definitely help.