Best Sources to Find Freelancers

Best Sources to Find Freelancers

You need some extra skilled people as your business grows to cope with the workload. It can be difficult to find accurate people to grow your company, not to mention the budget to combine them with your services. Freelance workers allow your business to operate with skilled people on the particular projects you want them for. So here the best sources to find freelancers.

Best Sources to Find Freelancers

You can keep your expenses to a point while also getting access to the skill sets you need for the plan to turn out successful. Here are the best sources to find freelancers who have the specific talent you are looking for.


Toptal is a freelance network of best software engineers and digital designers from over 100 countries around the world. The company’s screening rule plants out all but the top 3 percent of expertise in various categories, which means that once approved, you’ll enter an elite society of specialists.

Toptal - Best Sources to Find Freelancers

Toptal allows you to decide if you want to work hourly, part-time or full time, and you set your own rates so you’ll never be stabbed in a bidding battle.


With over 1.5 million clients, Upwork allows something for every type of freelancer. It includes both short- and long-term projects, hourly or per-project job and expert-level and entry-level appointments. Despite where you are in your career, Upwork is feasible to have something for you.

Upwork - Freelancing Website


Unlike most other sources, in addition to giving millions of projects, Freelancer enables you to compete with other freelancers in competitions to show your skills. If you’re ambitious and positive in your expertise, it’s an exceptional idea to showcase your expertise and draw more customers.

Freelancer - Best Sources to Find Freelancers

99 Designs

99 Designs is a freelance job site with a surprise. As its name implies, the platform is particularly for designers, and every project comes members in the form of a competition.

99Designs - Freelancing platform

Rather than window-shop through a list of documents and résumés, customers are advised to crowdsource their projects, arranging a budget and providing directions, then allowing designers to submit work based on the project outline. At the end of a week, the customer chooses the most suitable design, and that designer gets paid.

People Per Hour

This is an ideal platform, concentrating on freelancing for web projects. If you’re a designer, web developer, SEO specialist, etc., peopleperhour is surely deserving of checking out.

People Per Hour - Best Sources to Find Freelancers

Key Features of Timelo: A Complete Package for Business

Key Features of Timelo: A Complete Package for Businesses and Freelancers

Time tracking software is a tool that is generally used by managers and employees to keep the record of worked hours for billing, payroll or other processes. In general, they record the time spent on assigned tasks and used to create project billing and invoicing. They can also have a complete view of your services, such as, which tasks are consuming more time and taking the most resources, empowering users to plan project budgets. Timelo is a complete tool for business having all the above-mentioned points and here are some of the key features of Timelo.

Key Features of Timelo

Time Tracking

Time Tracking Software

Normally, the main function of this tool is to capture worked hours in real-time and records these on a timesheet. The timesheet is used to bill customers or estimates payroll with precision. This time-tracking software also allows you visualize tasks in a timeline. It supports project administrators or supervisors to determine deadlines and completion dates.

Expense Tracking

Expense Tracking - Key Features of Timelo

Any sort of business, despite its extent and nature, requires resources to run. This money isn’t just required for long-term plans, but also for the company’s day-to-day needs. For example, a restaurant may need a specific amount of money daily to pay for ingredients. Likewise, employees also want to be paid every month. Timelo will take care of every aspect of your expenses.

Project Management

Project Management - Timelo a complete tool

Although many time tracking tools are blended with a larger project management system, sometimes tracking tools do feature lightweight project management mechanisms. For instance, Timelo enables you to arrange tasks or set deadlines by project and set preferences. You can also examine the project’s progress by time factors like daily, weekly and monthly or set budgets per project. From small to large projects, this time tracking software performs a great job.

Visualize Summaries

Visualize Summaries - Key Features of Timelo

Timelo allows you to generate reports and summaries easily to investigate a broad range of data relating to tasks. For instance, you can examine total time spent on a project or you can track the details such as weekly and daily performance or examine the numbers per task. You can also create checks and balances on resources or find out areas where to cut expenses. Records are visualized in tables and charts for smart lookups.


Cloud-Based Time Tracking Software


Cloud-based software opens up the software to the entrepreneurs. Regardless of the location, users are now capable to use software through the access of the internet. However, with the majority of development work happening at the development site, cloud-based software is perfect. Furthermore, because this time tracking software is used to record time information and work activity of employees, Timelo – cloud-based time-tracking software makes the most sense for any kind of business.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly Time Tracking Software: Timelo

In some cases, you may need to track billable hours of a project or remote team. Software that is convenient from mobile devices will be an efficient tool in these scenarios. Timelo, a cloud-based tool allows you to access the system via a browser of your smartphone. It makes sure the software is also compatible with various desktop and smartphone OS and browser types.

Free Basic Plan

Timelo Free Basic Plan

Timelo is providing its above mentioned great features free for a lifetime in its basic plan and is considered ideal for freelancers. The key features of the basic plan include a dashboard, time tracking, reporting, 1 user limit, maximum 5 projects, 1GB storage, data backup and redundancy, and email support. Get your free account now.

Professional Plans

For entrepreneurs and businesses, Timelo has two types of cheap plans that are Pro and Business. In Pro plan, you can enjoy the unlimited invoices, advanced reporting, 10GB storage, API, priority support and up to 100 projects. The monthly charges of this Pro plan are $9.99 for each user per month. You can save $23 on its yearly plan which is available at $95.99 for each user per year.

Cheap Business Plans - Monthly

While in Business plan, you can get unlimited users and projects, unlimited storage, integrations, free training, and online remote assistance. Timelo is providing this plan at $19.99 for each user per month. Also, you can save $47 on yearly business plan which is available at $191.99 for each user per year.

Cheap Business Plans - Yearly

Do remember that Timelo is providing its all the three plan absolutely free for 15 days. You can start your free trial now.

Benefits of Time Tracking Software: Timelo a Complete Tool for Business

Benefits of Time Tracking Software: Timelo a Complete Tool for Business

A time tracking software is an essential as well as an efficient tool for small and big firms alike as it gives easy access to managers and the owners of the company to track the activity and the performance of their employees. One of the most difficult jobs in any business is trying to keep a record of how the workers are consuming their time. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of time tracking software and how it can improve your business.

Benefits of Time Tracking Software

Better Production

Employees who keep the record of their working hours are more prone to have better time management skills while completing their tasks. Time tracking assists workers record the progress of their job in an elegant aspect while neglecting the external disturbances that may typically be an obstacle (chatting on the phone, browsing the internet, unnecessary socializing).

Benefits of Time Tracking Software

More often, companies will start various projects and operate on all of them at the same time. However, too much time allocated on one project may not deserve it for the end goal; time tracking software can benefit managers to distinguish and exclude projects that aren’t critical to progress and thus improve profits.

Better Accountability

For the success of any project, each member of the team needs to believe valuable and necessary to the project company undertakes. Time tracking tool builds accountability amongst operating teams because it notifies their owners of related things like which employees finished certain tasks when the tasks were accomplished and how much time was allocated to each task.

Benefits of Time Tracking Software

Time-tracking strengthens liability within the employees themselves. When time-tracking is implemented, employees are more apt to perform tasks with improved performance and are more liable to keep themselves responsible for their improvement throughout projects.

Better Transparency

Managers designate jobs for their employees to perform, but they usually know very little about the working method. Time tracking software gives full transparency about the tasks being completed, how long they are taking to get completed, and highlight which other tasks are being overlooked. The clarity can enable managers to re-examine their employee’s workload and equip them with the support needed so they can perform their tasks fast and efficiently. Jobs that are taking too much time to perform can be reviewed by employers and optimized so that they do not interrupt the working process.

advantages of time tracking tools

Better Scheduling

A friendly environment is essential in every firm and as an owner of the firm, you have to build trust with your employees to come in on time, take their scheduled breaks, and work until the end of the working day. However, it is improbable that each of your employees will describe days that they arrive late to work or leave early.

uses of time tracking software

No doubt that your employees are the assets of your company but you deserve the power to know the right amount of money they are owed. Time tracking software can save businesses thousands of dollars every year by appropriately paying out their employees without mistake.

Better Payroll

It is frequently seen that in organizations that do not make use of this time tracking website, computing the payroll for the employees, gradually becomes a disturbing and time-consuming job, which is usually filled with many mistakes. Time and resources consumed in calculating the payroll for each employee should be placed too much better and fruitful use.

uses of time tracking tools

Moreover, the software benefits employees as well, as it helps them to identify if there have been any accidental additions or reductions in their salary. If such is the case, they can instantly go and correct the problem, without any problem at all.

Better Client Billing

Another difficulty that many firms encounter is client billing. Clients must be accurately billed and in a precise amount of time. Without time tracking software, this doesn’t always happen. For example, if your company is one that bills clients by the hour rather than by the project, using this software will assure that customers are charged the right cost.

Benefits of Time Tracking Software

Helps to find out problems

The benefits of time tracking software do not end here; you must ensure that you keep trustworthy software that has a reliable name and is befitted to your plan. For that purpose, we recommend Timelo as it is providing 15-day free trial with no credit card required and the best part, it is supported by all the three platforms that is windows, iOS and android.

timelo time tracking software

A big advantage of the software is that identifying any difficulty in the workforce becomes rather simple to do. Once such difficulties have been sorted out properly then only will the firm be capable to move forward and accomplish greater tasks.

Project Management

Time tracking software also enables companies to monitor support for projects, track assignments, and even add special notes to different tasks so everyone knows what has been done, and what requires to be done. It also adds assistance for documentation of costs (billable and non-billable), as well as invoice creation.

timelo time tracking tool

Improve Employee’s Morale and Confidence

Possibly the most underestimated feature of time tracking software is that it can strengthen feelings of faith and honor in your employees that can enhance their performance and overall productivity.

Benefits of Time Tracking Software

A time tracking software will give your employees a sense of quality competition and recognition. He will see his performance himself and will try to improve it that will ultimately increase his morale and confidence which in turn beneficial for the company.