What are the Basic Team Management Skills?

What are the Basic Team Management Skills?

If you just started a new job as a manager, you would be familiar with the challenge you are facing to push your team members together to the ultimate goal. A good starting point is the Warren G. Bennis quote that “Leaders are people who do the right things; managers are people who do things right.” So it is clear that the managers are liable for ensuring that the vision is executed efficiently and successfully. In this article, we will tell you what the basic team management skills are.

Basic Team Management Skills

The main focus of this article is on the particular skills and responsibilities of managers, and on the tools available to them that will help them to use these basic team management skills for the success of the project.


Vision - Basic Team Management Skills

No doubt, managers usually have the greatest intentions, but they get caught up in handling the day-to-day responsibilities, putting out fires rather than working to unite their people under a common vision. Lack of vision leaves team members feeling unclear about their goals. They understand they’re working hard, but it’s challenging for them to understand their influence. They don’t know which actions to prioritize. As a good manager, you not only need a definite vision, but you also need to carry it well.



One of the top priorities for team managers is delegation. No matter how experienced you are, there’s only so much that you can complete working on your own. With a team following you, you can accomplish so much more: that’s why it’s so essential that you delegate efficiently.

Prosperous delegation begins with coordinating people and responsibilities, so you first need to define what your team’s role and aims are.

Develop your team

Basic Team Management Skills

Teams are made up of people who have diverse viewpoints and abilities and are at various stages of their professions. Some may find that the tasks you’ve designated to them are challenging, and they may require assistance. Others may be “old hands” at what they’re doing and maybe looking for possibilities to extend their abilities. Both ways, it’s your duty to develop all of your employees.

Your experiences in this perspective of management will determine your long-term achievement as a manager and you’ll make prominent participation in your company, too.



Communication skills are necessary for success in almost any role, but there are distinct skills and methods that you’ll use more as a manager than you did as a general worker. These fall under two titles: communicating with team members, and communicating with people outside your team. You should learn and teach both of these.


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Being a good manager doesn’t mean necessarily making everyone bow down to your order every time you open your mouth. Differences in viewpoints are inevitable, but a good manager can negotiate others with regard and courtesy, no matter the situation. Ask your subordinates why they think what they think. Consider their ideas, even if you differ. And in case they do something serious that requires to be pleaded, exercise adequate employee discipline to resolve the matter.

How to Get the Maximum Output from Freelancers with Time Tracker?

How to Get the Maximum Output from Freelancers with Time Tracker?

It is more likely to lose the records of your employees’ working hours, particularly if you are hiring some freelancers. In such conditions, the common obstacle for remote workers is the continuous occurrence of different communication problems either through the internet or social media sites. So as a manager, how can you get the maximum output from the freelancers?

As an entrepreneur, you invest a lot of budget and trust in your freelance workers to get the task done on time. That is a completely new job. But you can help yourself to solve your problem by using a precise time-tracking software that can help you to streamline your productivity and automatically and enable you to keep a tighter eye on what your freelancer associates are up to.

Get the Maximum Output from Freelancers

Get the Maximum Output from Freelancers

Using a time tracking tool to record freelance hours will assist you with time management and precise billings. Whether you’re working with web hosts, digital marketers, or freelance writers, keeping a record of time and productivity is precious for everyone.

keep record of Freelancers with Time Tracker

Making it simple for your freelancers to retain an authentic report of how they’ve spent their time benefits free up your time so you can use it to expand your business and get the maximum output from freelancers. It also enables you to evaluate and pay your freelancers’ invoices explicitly and transparently.

How to Choose the Best Time Tracking Software?

There are certain things to consider before choosing an hours tracking tool. You have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it cooperate with the platforms you use (like android, iOS, PC, Mac)? Will it satisfy your desktop work, as well as my smartphone requirements?
  • Is it an accurate cost for your budget?
  • Do the features match what you require and do? If you pick this higher-cost option, will you be getting all the features that you want?
  • If you start with a free trial, will the payment option address your possible requirements as your business develops? (Analyze factors like the permissible number of users and projects, trackable hours, and so on.)

Timelo - Time tracking software

Keeping in mind the above requirements, Tmelo is the best tool for project management and time tracking. It is a complete package for businesses and freelancers to create project billing and invoicing. The best thing about this great tool is that it is offering a 15-day free trial with no credit card required.

Why Time Tracking Software is Important?

Poor time management facilities can make freelancers plan tasks in a way that scatters productive skills and loses their time. When they lack focus, their concentration is readily distracted or divided between tasks. This results in poor creativity and, usually, the average output.

Timelo - time tracking tool

It’s more likely for freelancers to shift between tasks and not actually know how much time they’ve consumed on a specific task. That translates to incorrect payroll, which isn’t suitable for anyone. You can over-reward and sometimes your freelancers could miss their deserving pay.