5 Useful Tips to Manage Time Effectively

5 Useful Tips to Manage Time Effectively

Time is money and this is true especially in business. Time is running – every day, every minute, and every second. Even though it is the same for everyone (24 hours a day, 60 minutes an hour), every person spends it otherwise, depending on the responsibilities. But for a business, it is important to plan responsibilities and duties and hence to know how long each step in a project takes. In this article, we will discuss some helpful tips to manage time effectively.

Tips to Manage Time Effectively

Time estimation skills are one of the factors that decide whether you’ll succeed or fail in a particular task. Good time management strategies go beyond the typical guesswork. Sometimes, it takes the form of a careful plan and at times, you might need to take the services of the best time tracking tools. The experience of these planning tips, methods are necessary to run a business efficiently.

Plan ahead

Plan ahead

One of the best ways to estimate time is to sit back and plan your day in advance. Very basic but very effective. It’s not a smart move to start working with no direction at all. When you take things with no clarity. You hardly ever achieve something productive. Before you go to bed, take 10-15 minutes to figure out important tasks for tomorrow. Get up earlier to gain some clarity on how to go about your day. It gives direction and motivation to act on the right things.

Prioritize wisely

Eisenhower decision making technique

The next important trick is prioritization. Poor prioritization or no prioritization at all usually results in time wastage. Doing anything and everything isn’t always the most sensible choice. To prioritize properly, use the popular prioritization method given in the picture above. You need to understand which of the tasks need your attention and which can be delegated and outsourced. 

Proper delegation

Delegation - Tips to Manage Time Effectively

Delegation is one of the difficult tasks to do but if you know how to do it, it can do miracles for you. If you’re a manager at any other senior position, you should understand what can be transferred to your team members so you can concentrate on high-priority tasks.

Eliminate distractions

Eliminate distractions - Tips to Manage Time Effectively

Distractions are an inevitable part of every work and every project. Common types of distractions include smartphones, emails, talkative peers, social media, online shopping, etc. These distractions waste a lot of your time. The soon you can nib them in the bud, the better it is.

Time tracking software

Best Time tracking software

A useful time tracking software helps track time and planning work. Setting personal goals and adhering to them is much more comfortable with such a tool. It encourages you to plan work smartly with obvious boards. A time tracking tool is a must-have for companies that need to make the most of their time.

Some Easy Approaches for Problem Solving Proficiency

Some Easy Approaches for Problem Solving Proficiency

Whether you run a business, lead a company, or work in an enterprise where diversity is the norm, it may feel like something is always going wrong. Luckily, there are many easy approaches for problem solving process that will relieve a great deal of the pressure that dealing with business problems can create. Apply these approaches step by step to get the results.

Easy Approaches for Problem Solving

Knowing the accurate way to solve problems not only takes the guesswork out of how to deal with difficult, surprising, or complicated circumstances, it can lead to more efficient long-term solutions.

Figure out what’s causing the problem

Problem Solving Techniques

You may need to find information and estimate input from various records, departments, and employees to separate the factors that are adding to your problem. Timelo is a great tool that will give you complete transparency of the projects’ development and employees’ productivity.

Come up with a few viable solutions

Business Guides

Since going on precisely the right solution – right away – can be difficult, confusing with your team, and mapping out different scenarios is the best method to move forward. If your first approach doesn’t pan out, you’ll have others on tap you can turn to.

Choose the best option

Easy Approaches for Problem Solving

Decision-making abilities, and tools that allow you layout process connections, preferences, and standards, are precious for selecting the most encouraging solution. Whether it’s you or someone higher up making that decision, it should include estimating costs, time consignments, and any implementation difficulties.

Put your chosen solution to work

problem solving process

Before executing your fix of choice, you should make key employees conscious of changes that might influence their regular workflow, and set up benchmarks that will make it simple to understand if your solution is working.

Evaluate your outcome

Easy Approaches for Problem Solving

Now comes the time of revelation: did the solution you performed solve your problem? Do your benchmarks bestow you obtained the result you desired? If so, congratulations! If not, you’ll need to squeeze your solution to satisfy your problem solving intent.

Why You Should Plan Your Day Hour by Hour?

Why You Should Plan Your Day Hour by Hour?

Nowadays, we all are facing the times when we have to deal with many different tasks and often coping with having less time than we need to deliver the results on time. Hence, how to deal with all the tasks to efficiently concentrate on your work, have your responsibilities under control, and, additionally, plan everything in advance? In this article, we’ll discuss why it’s necessary to plan your day hour by hour and how to do it.

Stop multitasking first

You may accept the fact that multitasking is a productivity killer, but do you know why? When you’re doing multiple things at once, you just keep the assignments and lengthen the time of their execution, so it’s the reverse of what was expected. As a consequence, you lose more time than you required and you’re left with many undone tasks and ultimately depression, but can’t decide when you’ll finish them.


Rather than wasting your time on unproductive tasks, better concentrate on one thing at once. You will be convinced that everything is done in the proper way, not with a lick and promise. Always set a specific amount of time for each task and design a plan or to-do list for each day. Don’t even consider starting a new thing before completing the previous one – do as much as was planned, never more – tomorrow is another day! Otherwise, you will lose sight of what’s necessary at a critical moment.

Plan Your Day

Plan Your Day Hour by Hour

There are two types of people when it comes to making a plan for a day. One person favors to do it manually, with a piece of paper and a pen, but others prefer digital solutions more cool and adequate. It depends on you what you choose, depends on the kind of projects you’re working on.

Time tracking software

Timelo - Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software keeps you organized all the time: just add to-do things to the list, set the date and it will remind you of the upcoming deadlines! All the tasks are arranged in one place and organized to help you remember all your activities. It will also keep the record of your tasks and the amount of time it took to complete them. Thus, you can easily have an idea of your performance.

Paper and a Pen

Plan Your Day

It is the most common way and by some of the people regarded as the most efficient. You can use the sticky notes, e.g. separate colors for every project. But it is difficult to manage the papers on a daily basis as it may create a mess. Try to find out what method suits you best and give it a try! If you want to be a tech-savvy person, try Timelo, a time management software, and you will never miss a deadline again.

You don’t know how exactly productive you are until you don’t start calculating your time to complete a specific task. Business owners are performing lots of various projects every day; it’s not easy to point which of the projects are time-consuming and need better planning. Looking at the clock frequently doesn’t help, because it creates additional distractions.