Simple Tricks to Keep Your Remote Team Motivated

Simple Tricks to Keep Your Remote Team Motivated

2020 has certainly been a devastating year for everyone, particularly for the whole business sector. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced almost every business to work remotely to ensure the safety of employees. A remote work setup has its own advantages. It has no daily commutes, no dress codes, and you also have the privilege to work at a flexible time. In this article, we will cover some tricks to keep your remote team motivated and productive.

Keep Your Remote Team Motivated

Working remotely has become a necessity for businesses that opt to maintain their operations despite opposing external factors. Practice these tricks to keep your remote team motivated.


Trust Your Team

Trust Your Team

Build trust by getting a reliable rapport with your remote workforce. Remember that micromanaging is the ultimate motivation killer as it demonstrates a lack of trust in your workers. Unnecessary control usually leads to poor work performance or incomplete tasks, as employees require sufficient autonomy and creativity to do their tasks efficiently. 

Recognize Accomplishments

Keep Your Remote Team Motivated

Recognize and honor your remote employees’ achievements as this will encourage and motivate them to exceed more in their given duties. Recognizing your staff’s participation empowers them to feel more engaged and acknowledged. Employees who feel valued will wish to serve in your firm for a longer period.

Practice the Right Tools

Productivity tips

Working from home isn’t achievable without technology. Failing to provide your remote workforce with the right technological tools to do their tasks accurately will result in an obstructed workflow, unproductive tasks, and unfulfilled deadlines.  

Communicate and Stay Connected

Communicate and Stay Connected

Communication is the key in every walk of life. It is important not just in building a sound relationship with each of your team members – but also in assuring the success of every project. Apart from recognition, it is also necessary to provide frequent feedback. This tells your employees that you care about their work performance and what they present to the company.

Apart from the points above, always try to emphasize having a pleasant work culture enjoyable, despite new remote working conditions. Developing a positive remote work environment will considerably influence your team’s productivity. 

How to Eliminate Distractions at Work?

How to Eliminate Distractions at Work?

As earlier, we told you that one of the major productivity killers is distractions. They throw you out of your working flow. Every time you get distracted, you probably lose much more time than the actual period of the distraction. Even if the distraction might look insignificant and natural to you, it will have a serious impact on your concentration and productivity. In this article, we will discuss how to eliminate distractions at work.

Eliminate Distractions at Work

A research has revealed that on average you need 23 minutes to completely regain your concentration after a single distraction. Distractions significantly influence the quality and efficiency of your performance at work. So what is the solution? Here are a few tips to eliminate distractions at work.

Find your frequent distractions

Eliminate Distractions at Work

Even if distractions are an unavoidable part of our working day, each of us gets detracted differently. So, you need to observe your own weaknesses and working habits. Keep a record of your working day by a time tracker to find out the recurrence and the character of your distractions. Since, first, you need to recognize your main time-waster behaviors to be able to nip them in the bud.

Turn off notifications

Social Media

Notifications have grown into another significant cause of distraction in today’s life. Turn off the alerts that appear on your computer screen, smartphone, or any other device you own. You can respond to your missed calls or messages once you have a certain break in your task.

Schedule Email Check

Schedule Email Check

An average person checks his/her email about 15 times per day at work. By that, you can imagine how much time you waste on checking and replying to those emails. For a solution, try to decrease this number as much as feasible. Checking your email once a day is a perfect habit if you can manage this. Find the rhythm of your day and schedule the email check-in on the low productivity duration of your working day. Keep your peak hours for more critical tasks.

Avoid gossips during working hours

Gossips at work

Another big distraction seen in the office is distractions. Also, this “shoulder tapping” is one of the most common delays at work. A suitable solution for this sort of distraction is to use headphones, which will “protect” you from unnecessary topics and random chats with co-workers. You can also use other methods to tell your associates that you are involved in work that needs a special focus. For instance, put a “do not disturb” sticker or flag on your desktop.

Follow your to-do list

Follow to-do list - Eliminate Distractions at Work

Try to strictly follow your planned agenda. Of course, several surprising tasks will arise during work. To tackle them efficiently, simply retain an extra half an hour for them on your plan. Concentrate constantly on one thing. Don’t try to manage unscheduled jobs by multitasking. Because in most cases, multitasking affects your brain’s efficiency and lowers your IQ.

No doubt distractions are an integral part of our lives as they are natural. Hence, totally avoiding them might be difficult, but try to do your best to overcome them as much as possible. Develop new attitudes that assist you to reduce interruptions and boost your focus.

How to Make Your Workplace a Happy Place?

How to Make Your Workplace a Happy Place?

Every firm believes in the fact that their employees are their most valuable assets. Without them, they would not be there where they are now. So it is important for the company to provide its employees with a happy environment within the office that makes their work more interesting because happiness has a direct influence on productivity. Here is how you can make your workplace a happy place.

Make Your Workplace a Happy Place

We are not essentially talking about weekly parties or annual trips. These are the simple modifications you can introduce in your office that will make your work more enjoyable.

Have a gaming area

Gaming area in the office

If you want your team to stay focused and refreshed, you should be supporting them to take frequent breaks. Of course, you need them to have their breaks away from their desks, so try to provide an enjoying and relaxing break out area where employees can go for some minutes to refresh their minds. You can have table tennis or snooker in the corner of your office or if you have a big office, you can also make space for badminton or other indoor games.


Make Your Workplace a Happy Place

We spend a significant amount of our time at work so it’s necessary not to dislike our office. If you want your team to relish and satisfied being at work, make sure you give a workspace that’s beautiful and attractive but also favorable to productivity. Note that, your office is a reflection of your company. Furnishing it in accordance with your firm will support your team to stay in touch with it.

Promote socializing

Socialization in office

Socializing with coworkers can bring a wonderful impact on productivity and staying motivated on work because people with best friends in the workplace are more engaged than those who don’t have. Workplace associations can also assist you to promote an environment of sympathy and admiration which research has found can lead to higher levels of achievement and teamwork, as well as reducing the risk of anxiety and depression.

Celebrate and appreciate often

Celebration in office

Frequent celebration and appreciation provide support to your employees that they are making a significant contribution to the company’s progress. By building this sentimental relationship with your team you’ll see notable concrete results that can play a significant part in your company’s long term success.

Don’t be too formal

Business etiquette

Etiquette and professionalism is also a necessity within any organization. But there are robust levels of formality that can be implemented depending on the nature of the firm. Let your employees feel free to share their ideas and opinions. 

Introverts vs Extroverts: Which One is More Productive?

Introverts vs Extroverts: Which One is More Productive?

Did you ever wonder either you are an introvert or extrovert and investigated which one of them is more productive? Some people generally approach to others and always seem to be in gatherings. Others are much more productive if they work at home or in a peaceful place. In this article, we will compare introverts vs extroverts and find out who is more productive.

You may have noticed some people working in solitude on a project. They are resistant conversation-starter, but when you talk to them regularly and discuss subjects that fascinate them more, they quickly show you explosions of their outstanding communication skills and how jolly and out-going they can be.

Introvert or Extrovert

On the other hand, there are different types of people. They may be a party-brat who relishes wearing new clothes to office parties and craves for attention. They are wonderful at speaking and get along very comfortably with guests.

Who are Ambiverts

In this comparison of introverts vs extroverts, there is another sort of people that fall in between these two climaxes known as ambiverts. If you are a manager or entrepreneur of your company, you often come across both of the kinds of people and have to deal with them suitably to devise plans to make the best out of their skills and potential. But before you go any further with this, you need to know who is generally more productive and how can you produces such an environment in your firm that can be favorable to both to improve productivity.

Introverts vs Extroverts

Introverts vs Extroverts

Introverts (or those of us with humble aims) manage to revive themselves by spending time with themselves all alone. They lose confidence and enthusiasm from being around people for a long duration, especially big groups.

Extroverts, on the other hand, get their enthusiasm and energy from other people. Extroverts get their energy is drained when they spend too much time alone. They restore by being social.

Introverts vs Extroverts: Which One is more Productive?

Who is more productive?

It is challenging to choose who is more productive because both appear to own qualities that others don’t. The true method is to know how their minds work and what sort of perspectives they bring to the board, which differentiates them from others in terms of productivity.

Improve productivity

The substantial difference in terms of productivity of both the introverts and extroverts comes in the order of how they acquire their spirit and strength.

  • Introverts manage to obtain more enthusiasm and focus when they are left alone; hence, you shouldn’t always demand prompt responses from them.
  • Extroverts, on the other hand, need outside motives to receive that much-needed enthusiasm to perform. For them, social attention, appreciation and co-worker support is more critical. Take that environment away from them, and they are nothing more than average workers.
  • Introverts manage to obtain that much-needed zeal and drive to perform when they are in solitude, and if you place them in an environment where they have to communicate and interact with people very often, soon they will lose all of their potential to perform and present lower levels of productivity.
  • Extroverts generally have a lower fundamental rate of arousal; therefore, they require much more time than introverts to be prolific.
Top Workplace Productivity Killers and How to Avoid Them?

Top Workplace Productivity Killers and How to Avoid Them?

No doubt, beautiful workplace spaces, and free coffees from the firm definitely not make any office like a 90’s sweatshop. In fact, nowadays companies are providing their employees with many other recreational possibilities like snooker and smoking areas. So as a responsible employee, you must do your best for the success of your company. Meanwhile, many workplace productivity killers must be avoided to get maximum results.

Workplace Productivity Killers

After covering top 10 management tips to improve productivity, in this article we will discuss some major workplace productivity killers and how to cope with them to get the desired goals. 

Workplace Productivity Killers

Unnecessary Meetings

According to a modern survey, 47 percent of the workers believe that one of the biggest time-wasters in the workplace is useless meetings. What makes the situation even worse is the number of meetings at the workplace. It is estimated that in the US alone, 11 million meetings are conducted daily and USD 37 billion are spent on these meetings every year.

Unnecessary Meetings

The simple method to solve this problem is to conduct productive meetings. Retain your meetings brief and invite fewer people by giving meeting plans to them in advance.


Nothing frustrates an entrepreneur more than watching their workers wasting time in useless discussions and gossips. Most of the time these gossips lead to company politics, office fight and wreak devastation on your workplace atmosphere

Gossips - Workplace Productivity Killers

You have to be certain that you cut down on these useless discussions and gossip gatherings because they can bring a big scratch on the overall production and office environment.


If you are addicted to checking your emails several times during the working hours, then it will certainly destroy your productivity. Combat the lure of checking your inbox every few hours in your working day.

Checking Emails

Make a schedule. Check email at the start and end of the working day when all the emails have arrived in your inbox. Adjust your inbox because a disordered inbox is a big cause of why checking emails consume a lot of time.


Luckily or unluckily, we live in a global village where we cannot imagine a life without our beloved devices. We don’t care whether it is an important business conference or you are working on a crucial task, workers cannot endure the appeal of checking notifications, texts, and calls.

Smartphones - Workplace Productivity Killers

If you want to increase your productivity, you need to decrease the time you waste on your smartphone when you’re expected to be working. Whether it involves switching off the notifications, not replying to messages just do it because smartphones are a proven source of distraction for the employees at the workplace. Also social media can be a threat to mental health.

Messy Desk

One of the most frequent obstacles in the way of productivity in the office or workplace is messy desks. You can check it by yourself. Just walk around any office and you will see the piles of disordered files on many cluttered desks. In case, you need a specific file, you have to go through all those files to find it. When extra time is spent on finding the file you need, you will definitely fall behind your productivity goals.

Messy Desk

Take some time out from your schedule for arranging your table and it will give valuable returns by preserving you more time and making you more productive. Not only that, but it will also show that you are an ordered person, which proves well with the firm.