Top Productivity Tools for Remote Teams to Help Your Business

Top Productivity Tools for Remote Teams to Help Your Business

If you have recently searched for job ads, you may have noticed a big hike in the number of positions that allow remote working. It is no coincidence. In fact, remote work has been on the rise in recent years especially after the pandemic. There are also many benefits to this type of working method. A study shows that 99% of all remote workers fancy working this way for the rest of their careers. To get the most out of it, here are some productivity tools for remote teams.

Productivity Tools for Remote Teams

Although remote work is a very popular and prevalent working system, there are also certain difficulties associated with it. Working in remote environments can sometimes be challenging because of barriers in communication, collaboration, storage, and many other processes. For these obstacles, try these productivity tools for remote teams.

Time Tracking Tools

Time Tracking Software - Productivity Tools for Remote Teams

The tradition of time tracking is not a new invention. It’s been around since the days of punch cards in factories. In remote teams, time tracking can be beneficial for a variety of reasons other than studying how productive someone is. It’s actually an excellent method to track how much time a particular job takes away and assists you to drop the tasks that waste your time.

You can check out these top time tracking tools to help boost the productivity of your remote team.

Communication Tools

Communication tools

The most influential obstacle in remote work is definitely communication. Since you can’t easily walk over to the other person in your office, you’re bound to resort to other means of staying in touch with your team. Using a phone is fairly expensive while emailing is sluggish and clunky. So, the ideal solution comes in the shape of team chat apps.

You can use apps like Skype, Google Meet, and Zoom to maintain good communication within your team.

Cloud Storage and File-Sharing Tools

Cloud Storage and Data Transfer

Working remotely needs not only various means of communication but also file management and sharing. Since your team members can be spread all around the world, it’s essential to have a secure method of saving and sharing your files so they can be accessed at all times.

For this purpose, you can use well-known tools like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.